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Our values


The Court has modern courtrooms at the disposal of the Parties. These rooms are equipped with an audio-video recording system, projector, screen and microphones for the development of the hearings AND equipped with the latest technological advances and constantly updated, which ensure the development of arbitration proceedings in excellent conditions.

The Court is also at the disposal of its users and arbitrators to facilitate the holding of virtual hearings, i.e. hearings via videoconference.

The Court is committed to minimizing the environmental impact in the administration of its proceedings. Therefore, it encourages parties to use electronic communications and to submit documents in digital format, corroborating with a paperless procedure.


The Court makes its virtual platform (the “Platform”) available to the Parties and the Tribunal to facilitate the administration of the arbitration and the better management of the case file. The Platform is a secure and confidential interface that allows participants in an arbitration proceeding (Parties, counsel, arbitrators, arbitration clerks, etc.) to access their digital file by logging in, from anywhere in the world. Puede consultar el manual de la plataforma aquí.