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The Arbitrators

For the appointment of arbitrators, where appropriate, the Court of Arbitration of Madrid considers the specific case and carries out an analysis of the training, background and experience of the candidates, in order to designate suitable arbitrators for the specific dispute. In this process, the Court traditionally consulted its list of arbitrators (which was indicative in nature). This meant the Court could appoint arbitrators not included in the list if it considered it appropriate. However, on July 11, 2018, the list was removed, effective October 12, 2018, as explained here.

The parties are free to choose the appointed Arbitrators.

As set forth in the Rules of the Court, the parties are free to choose the arbitrators appointed by each party and to agree by mutual consent on the appointment of the sole or presiding arbitrator. If such agreement is not reached within the time limit established in the Rules, the Court of Arbitration of Madrid shall make the appointment

For the appointment of an Arbitrator

For the appointment of an arbitrator, the Court shall follow the guidelines explained in the following Note. These guidelines contemplate both the appointment of a specific person and the use of the systems of lists of candidates, on which the parties express their preferences.