Rules of Arbitration

The Court’s Rules of Arbitration provide a modern framework, inspired in the principle of party autonomy. The Rules offer the parties ample opportunity to design the proceedings and adjust them to the circumstances of each particular case. They also include a fast track procedure for small claims, as well as an emergency arbitrator procedure.

Arbitrations initiated from 01 September 2020 onwards are governed by the 2020 Rules. Arbitrations initiated before that date are governed by the 2015 Rules. A summary of the regulatory changes included in 2020 –technical improvements, inspired in the Rules of the Madrid International Arbitration Centre approved on 29 November 2019– can be consulted here.

Article 2.6 of the Rules states the following: “Whenever these rules establish that the Court may or shall make a decision or carry out a certain act, the body of the Court in charge of that decision or act will be the one designated by the Court’s Plenary.” That distribution is explained in the Rules for the allocation of tasks to the different bodies of the Court.