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The Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Madrid (the "Madrid Chamber of Commerce" or the "Chamber") is a public law corporation with over 130 years of history. Its goal is to promote the development of companies. As part of its activities, the Madrid Chamber of Commerce is very active in the promotion of efficient and agile dispute resolution systems for business enterprises.

In 1989, the Madrid Chamber of Commerce created the Madrid Court of Arbitration (the "Court"), as an internal division in charge of administering arbitral proceedings. In order to ensure its autonomy and independence, the Chamber provided the Court with its own specific Statute (most recently amended in 2018). The Statute sets the Court’s operative framework and equips the Court with the necessary means and the bodies it requires to carry out its activities.

The Court is additionally governed by its Internal Regulations, which are approved by the Plenary of the Court. These rules set the functioning regulations of the Arbitrator Appointment Committee, the Arbitrator Challenges Committee and other matters.

After more than 25 years, the Court has acquired extensive experience in administering domestic and international commercial arbitrations.

The Court’s Rules of Arbitration are one of the most modern and complete, at the forefront of the arbitration rules of the world. They are aligned with international standards and meet the growing and changing demands of present business persons and users of arbitration.

The Madrid Court of Arbitration has modern facilities, equipped with the latest technological developments and permanently updated, ensuring that arbitration proceedings are conducted in the best possible conditions. 

The Madrid Court of Arbitration specially undertakes the challenges of international arbitration. Related to this undertaking, the Court has observer status in the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law ("UNICTRAL") and takes active part in its Working Groups II and III, related to the development of international commercial and investment-treaty arbitration. It is also an active member of the Inter-american Commission for Commercial Arbitration ("CIAC"), a supranational institution formed by the Latin-american Chambers of Commerce, and the International Federation of Commercial Arbitration Institutions ("IFCAI").

Finally, the Court has cooperation agreements in force with many international arbitral institutions:

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