Arbitrator Appointment Comittee

The Arbitrator Appointment Committee is one of the most relevant bodies of the Court. It is in charge of appointing arbitrators in the absence of an agreement by the parties in that respect and confirming the arbitrators proposed by the parties and the co-arbitrators.

The Committee is formed by a majority of prestigious members of the legal profession, which are totally independent from the Court. The position is not remunerated and the members cannot by appointed arbitrators by the Committee.


Currently, the members of the Appointment Committee are the following:


The Committee is governed by the Statute of the Court (articles 8 and 11), as well as its own internal regulations, approved by the Plenary. Its guidelines and recommendations for the appointment of arbitrators are explained in this Note.

The Committee is a collective body in charge in charge of appointing and confirming arbitrators, with the Secretariat´s support.

The ordinary Committee is formed by a minimum of four and a maximum of six ordinary members. The President of the Court is a permanent member. The remaining members (“External Members”) are prestigious legal professionals with no affiliation to the Madrid Chamber of Commerce. In addition to ordinary members, two non-permanent members with an international profile may be appointed. Only when the President deems it appropriate due to the complexity, the amount in dispute or the specific circumstances of the case, will these two non-permanent members participate in the appointment of arbitrators in international proceedings.

The aforementioned External Members (including the international ones) are appointed by the Plenary of the Court (“Plenary”) for two-year terms, and may be reelected for an additional one-year term. They will continue to be part of the Committee until the first session of the Plenary following the expiration of their term (be it the initial two-year term or the additional one-year term). Once their term has expired, former members cannot be reelected to be part of the Committee during at least one year. The position as member of the Committee is not remunerated.

Incompatibility rules

The Appointment Committee will not appoint any of its members as arbitrators in arbitrations administered by the Court, nor when it acts as nominating authority. The Appointment Committee members, however, may be designated arbitrators by the parties, both as wing arbitrators and chairpersons.

The Appointment Committee meets on a monthly basis and may be convened in any moment if necessary.